By SecureTechware
November 26, 2019

So you have created a great website and you’re proud of it now it’s a time to share this website with rest of the world so how you’re going to start or I should say from where you should start! BIG QUESTION MARK? Whether you should start with FACBOOK OR GOOGLE ADDWORDS OR FREE MARKETING!!!

In this article we are going to discuss ways or I should say steps to start promoting your website starting with baby steps

Solid Work on SEO

You can start with paid marketing on Facebook or google AdWords No issues on it. I’m sure that can generate good traffic on your site but to sustain this traffic you should have a solid SEO done on your website.

Google Page Speed

At the time of website creation or at the initial stages of website development or designing we really don’t care about how much time the site will take to load our only focus is on “How the site will look” well now is the time to focus on “How much time will this site take to load” Google page speed provides really good assessment on it and also shows methods to improve load time on different devices.

Be Social but Not a foolish Advertiser

Create all social pages, insta and twitter accounts but don’t ever start ever start with aggressive marketing approach by aggressive marketing I mean don’t post your website link on each Facebook group and on every social accounts instead be little technical try to look for groups with similar interest and see if you can publish your site or brand there.

Be up to date and keep up to date

Keep your website up to date and all your social account as well. Keep posting about your products and brand.


Website creation is a technical but straight forward process you have to follow predefined steps into it, but to make that website into a Brand is little complicated and time consuming process so in the above mention article I have just covered the basic steps to make your website out of the crowd in the next article I might cover some advance and technical steps to make your website a brand stay tuned!