What is RFID

By SecureTechware
November 26, 2019

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is the modern authentication system using a RFID card or tag and a RFID authentication device.

What is RFID?

So let’s start with the basic question what is RFID? RFID refers to system in which RFID card or tag can be read by RFID device using radio waves.

How does a RFID system work?

So as we said before RFID system is based on two main components RFID card and a device which has the ability to read that card wirelessly. RFID card contains a chip which stores data, the other component on card is antenna to transmit and receive signals.

Each tag has a unique serial number known as UID which cannot be changed or modified

In the modern RFID tags data is totally encrypted using Key A and Key B we will go into the details of data encryption in RFID tags in some other blog

Types of RFID tags

There are three different types of RFID tags based on their frequencies Low frequency, High frequency and Ultra High frequency

Low Frequency Tags

  • Low frequency tags generally has a range of 30-300 Khz
  • Cost is around $0.7 – $4
  • Very short range
  • Low memory
  • Low data transfer rate

High Frequency Tags

  • High frequency tags range is nearly 13.56 Mhz
  • Cost is around $0.80 – $9
  • Larger encrypted memory

Ultra-High frequency

  • Frequency range is around 433 Mhz and 860 – 960 Mhz
  • Cost is around $25 – $50
  • Very long range

Applications of RFID

Industries or applications that can be benefit from RFID system are endless starting from Inventory management to supply chain management or hospital management system all industries that need sometime of authentication or validation can use RFID system.